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Doubled sign of life

Problem description

Sometimes sign of life happens twice. It is caused by reset of platform during warmboot (doing rte_ctrl -pon when the platform is in S5). Problem does not occur when doing coldboot or reboot.

Initial ideas

AGESA specification 44065 Rev. 3.04 on page 38 and followings in the operational overview says:

E — Main boot path. Proceed with full hardware initialization. Warm reset may be needed to instantiate new values into some registers.

Page 40, about AGESA software call entry points' duties:

    initialize heap ctl
    Primary ncHt link initialization
    SB initialization @ reset
    NB after HT

    register load
    full HT initialization
    uCode patch load
    AP launch
    PwrMgmt Init
    NB post initialization
    Detect need for warm reset

It looks like moving SOL after call to AmdInitEarly() would fix the issue, but then it gets printed after a relatively long period - user might think that platform isn't booting, also it almost immediately disappears.

PMxC0 S5/Reset Status

As the issue depends on state from which platform is booted I looked through power management registers in BKDG for AMD Family 16h Models 30h-3Fh Processors, 52740 Rev 3.06. Registers of interest were those with Cold reset value, as they were remembered through resets and transitions to/from S5, but not after full power cycle. The most important one is PMxC0 S5/Reset Status:

This register shows the source of previous reset.

This register is also defined in AGESA headers in coreboot repository:

#define FCH_PMIOxC0_S5ResetStatus          0xFED803C0ul

Reading content of PMxC0 right before printing sign of life after different ways of (re)booting the platform resulted in the following values:

Entering/leaving S5 PMxC0 during SOL Bits set
full power cycle * 0x00000800 SlpS3ToLtdPwrGdEn
hold PWR button ** 0x40200402 SleepReset, FourSecondPwrBtn
thermal/power on ** 0x40200401 SleepReset, ThermalTrip
reboot 0x40080400 DoReset
reset button 0x40010400 UsrReset
halt/power on 0x40200400 SleepReset
0x001003FF S5ResetStatus_All_Status

*) not S5, included for completeness

**) results in doubled SOL. Value in table corresponds to first iteration, then platform is reset and during second boot PMxC0 has the same value as after reboot

Table is stripped from some common bits that don't seem to affect the problem: - 0x40000000 - reserved - 0x00000400 - PwrGdDwnBeforeSlp3 - BKDG, p. 932:

PwrGdDwnBeforeSlpS3. Read-write. Cold reset: 0. BIOS: 1. 1=Delay SLP_S3 by 64 μs and also qualify the FCH PwrGood with SLP_S3; This allows internal logic to put signals into correct states before turning off the S0 power.

Last row shows value of FCH_PMIOxC0_S5ResetStatus_All_Status, which is what AGESA checks when deciding whether platform needs a reset or not.