PC Engines apu coreboot Open Source Firmware v4.14.0.6

Key changes


  1. Rebased with official coreboot repository commit d06c0917.
  2. Re-added GPIO bindings to fix LED and button functionality


Files Changed

The chart shows the total files changed from release tag against the rebase point of given release specified in CHANGELOG (CHANGELOG.md, gitlab-ci.yml and regression.sh excluded from statistics). Check the statistics with:

git diff --stat d06c0917 ':(exclude).gitlab-ci.yml' ':(exclude)CHANGELOG.md' ':(exclude).gitlab-ci/regression.sh'

110 files changed, 4090 insertions(+), 213 deletions(-)

Process of mainlining

The chart represents the total line added and deleted on the PC Engines coreboot fork against the rebase point for a given release.


Mainline test results

  • Mainline:
    • PASSED: 690 (+5)
    • FAILED: 13 (-5)
    • PASSED [%]: 98.15 (+0.71%)

Fails are related to wakeonlan, USB and Xen.



See how to verify the signatures on asciinema


To update the firmware and keep the runtime configuration unchanged please use the following command:

flashrom -p internal -w apuX_v4.14.0.6.rom --fmap -i COREBOOT

The persistent runtime configuration works only when migrating from versions v4.14.0.1 and later. The feature is not yet supported on apu1. Flashrom version needs to be v1.1 or newer.